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Are your products Non-GMO?

All of our produce, both conventional and organic, are not genetically modified.

How do I prepare my fruits and vegetables?

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Can I freeze my fruits and vegetables?

Yes. For tips on how to freeze your produce to preserve freshness, click here.

Can I preserve my fruits and vegetables?

Absolutely! Click here to learn some basic tips on how to preserve your produce. Find us on Pinterest for recipes like homemade jam, dilly beans and more.

Are your fruits and vegetables organic?

For organic produce information, please visit

Where can I find your products?

Click here to learn more about where to buy our products.

Are my fruits and vegetables still good?

If handled and stored properly, our produce can stay fresh for:

Asparagus: 7-10 Days.
French Beans: Up to 10 days or until the “Best Before” date.
Brussels Sprouts: Up to 10 days
Blueberries: 5-10 days
Blackberries: 3-6 days
Raspberries: 3-6 days
Fresh Cut Mango: Up to 7 days

Click here for handling and storage tips.

Where are your products grown?

Our produce is grown in many places in North and South America to ensure year-round availability.

Why do you suggest rinsing your fruits and vegetables?

It is always advisable to rinse all fruit and vegetables before you eat them to ensure they are clean and to help remove bacteria from the surface of your produce.


All of our produce, both conventional and organic, are not genetically modified.

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